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About the Back Door

Barriers can keep you from formal education... this sucks but it's a fact of life. However, with some hard work, 
you can get a top notch education online.

Prior to returning to college I was often asked how I learned my craft on my own. 
The answer in short is I didn't. 

My unorthodox education is to the combination of formal education, apprenticeship and self directed study. 
It is owed largely to the spirit of the open source education movement.  

Currently, as of 2013, I am at Full Sail University in the (CABs) 3D Computer Animation Program. 
If it wasn't for the resources online, I would never have been able to earn enough money and find the 
right grants to go back.


My second year in college, my dad suffered a massive stroke and I had to leave to take care of my family... it wasn't easy..

I am pleased to announce that MIT will be offering certificates and grades with their online free offerings. Details are here:  MIT Launch.

Per MIT President Susan Hockfield, 
“MIT has long believed that anyone 
in the world with the motivation and ability to engage MIT coursework should have the opportunity to attain the best MIT-based educational experience 
that Internet technology enables. 


Autodidacticism, otherwise known as self-education, puts you in the company of some notable (and sexy) people. Find out more!