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Autodidacticism is self-education or self-directed learning. In a sense, autodidacticism is "learning on your own" or "by yourself", and an autodidact is a person who teaches him or herself something.

This typically involves a rather contemplative, absorptive series of processes, a great deal of time using the resources of libraries and educational websites. 

Even if you have been educated in a conventional manner, this flexible path can be used to supplement or enhance learning.

Keep in mind, autodidactism is only one facet of learning, and should be complemented by seeking instruction and guidance from experts, friends, and design community.

Social interaction is one of the elements of traditional education that you will have limited access to. 

<--- Like many creative geniuses throughout history, Einstein was largely self-educated. He had a tough time in school and was described as a "slow learner". He struggled to find work, despite a having a degree.

The only facts you need to know

Fact One: Never give up. That's it, that's all you need to do.

Case Studies:

Walt Disney was fired by an editor because, "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas."

Charles Schultz had every cartoon he drew for submission rejected by his high school yearbook staff. Ironically, despite Walt Disney's past with rejection, he even bypassed hiring Charles Schultz.

The Impressionists had to arrange their own art exhibitions, because their works were routinely rejected by the Paris Salon. Today, the Impressionists' paintings  sell for millions and most people have no idea what the Paris Salon is. 

An art dealer refused Picasso shelter when he asked if he could bring in his paintings from out of the rain. 

Van Gogh sold only one painting during his life to the sister of one of his friends for what currently amounts to about $50 USD. Despite the that fact no one bought them, he created over 800 paintings.

In 1830, John Constable's painting, Watermeadows at Salisbury, was dismissed by a judge at the Royal Academy as "a nasty green thing." The painting lives quite famously, while the name of the judge - lost to history.

Notable (and sexy) Autodidacts;

  • Bill Gates,
  • David Bowie,
  • Estee Lauder,
  • Frank Lloyd Wright, 
  • Quentin Tarantino,
  • Malcolm X,
  • Maya Angelou,
  • Ray Bradbury,
  • Richard Branson,
  • Steve Jobs,
  • Steven Spielberg,
  • and many, more!