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How I Did It

My second year in college, my dad suffered a massive stroke and I had to leave to take care of my family... it wasn't easy.

I knew that notion that, "the only learning respectable enough for economic compensation comes from institutions" seemed ridiculous and patently wrong, but I found myself asking for the first time, what is the real world alternative to a traditional education ...? 

After much thought, I realized that only one solution made sense. As a child, my Mother (a former special education teacher),  home-schooled me and my 3 siblings for several years when public schools in our community became sub-par. She offset her strict curriculum with trips to museums, factories and real world learning environments. When we finally returned to public school, there was a noticeable increase in our enthusiasm for learning and skill sets as compared to our peers. 

In the movie Good Will Hunting, Will (Matt Damon) jokes an Ivy League student for paying a fortune for an education that would be free, but for the price of a library card... but while entertaining, this is actually an extremely valid point. Similarly, I started my journey at the public library.

After reading a few books and some general research, I decided that I would learn by creating my own program and utilizing online education to overcome time and cost restraints. I put together a list of resources and calculated the time it would take based on the 10,000 hours rule. In honor of those who have helped me over the years, this part of my site is dedicated to them and to the idea that a free education is a indelible human right that we can all have by sharing what we learn openly and freely with all who wish to share such knowledge.

This is not to say you should not obtain a formal education or that there is anything wrong with a formal education. In an ideal world, we would all have access to education, but that is just not the current state of things. 

My times spent in college were wonderful.  One of the things to keep in mind is that you don't have to choose one over the other you can always go back. Self education is a great means for determining a particular path. For instance, I have always had an interest in 3D and motion graphics. So I started learning Blender to see if it would be a good fit, while looking at classes I might want to take.

Currently, as of 2012, I am enrolled back in college obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Computer Animation. If it wasn't for the resources online, I would never have been able to earn enough money and find the right grants to go back.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about me. Take care!