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The Goods

Before diving into the lists and resources, deciding how to narrow down and focus on a core discipline will give you a much improved chance for success.

On the page, How I Did It, I mention I calculated the time it would take for me to learn based on the 10,000 hours rule, which is fairly vague. 

If you think I have completed my studies, think again. At 14,976 hours, I am only in year 12, of an ever-changing, ever evolving 27-33 year plan. 

Keeping things flexible, allowed me to adjust when new research in the way our eyes and brain work to interpret color led me to add an additional set of courses or 1+ additional year to my initial plan.

You can find free lesson planing tools at

Daily Activities Breakdown

Creating your own Plan

Take a look at this list of the top design schools of2011 and this list of 
18 Excellent Design Schools From Around the World

Figure out what the most basic things, you'll need to know to get started and begin to build from the ground up.

Keep it flexible.